In accordance with the Municipal Structures Act 117/1998, Dr Beyers Naudé LM has been classified as a Category B Municipality; a collective executive system combined with a Ward participatory system. A collective executive system limits the exercise of executive authority to the Municipal Council itself and a Ward participatory system allows for matters of local concern to be dealt with by Ward Committees. Dr Beyers Naudé LM (provisionally a Grade 3 Municipality) does not qualify for an Executive Mayor and currently all but two of the 24 Councillors serve in their part-time capacity. Only the Mayor and Speaker have been allocated full-time status. There are 12 Ward Councillors – whose Ward Committees are still to be established – and 12 Proportional Representatives.


A safe, sustainable environment for all to live and strive in.


To be proactive and deliver with excellence.


The Municipality will honour its Vision and Mission by adhering to a stringent Value System :

–  Strive for innovative Service Excellence,
–  Maintain a high level of Work Pride and Ethics,
–  Always put the Client first and diligently apply the Batho Pele Principles,
–  Work together as a Team, respectful of each other, in unity and harmony.