From the Mayor’s Desk
22 October 2020

The municipality was fortunate to have a visit from honorable Minister Barbara Creecy from Department of Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fishery on Friday, 16 October 2020.
Gift of the Givers in partnership with Department of Environmental Affairs, Forestry & Fishery and Dr. Beyers Naudé Local Municipality held a successful environmental awareness day at Narsing Street Primary School.Ten learners from different school within Graaff-Reinet was identified as environmental ambassadors, to ensure their areas and schools remain clean, and to start with recycling initiatives.A newly drilled borehole and vegetable garden was launched within the Narsing Street School premises, and various trees were planted. The emphasis of the day was to keep our areas clean, save water, recycle, and start vegetable gardens to have food security.The municipality, on that day also had another clean-up and awareness campaign in Riemvasmaak informal settlement. This included cleaning up of illegal dumping sites and distribution of refuse bags to the community of the area to educate them not to dump their garbage illegally but rather make use of bags to be put on on scheduled refuse collection days.On 15 October 2020 Sarah Baartman District Municipality handed over fire and rescue equipment to the Dr Beyers Naudé Local Municipality. Equipment received include foam, fire hoses, chainsaws, high pressure guns, breathing apparatus set and bush beaters.Unfortunately, there is a new tendency in communities to vandalize electrical power lines. Vandalism remains the biggest challenge in the municipality which in turn has a high cost impact. It is time for all stakeholders to unite and stand up against these perpetrators by reporting illegal activities. The people affected and who are suffering from these acts is the community at large.Communities might have noticed an increase in the availability of water in all areas. This is due to 8 additional boreholes that is has been drilled in the Northern well field as well as the re-drill of the previously skew borehole – borehole number 28 b. Good water strikes was achieved which varies between 3,5l to 35l per second at a depth ranging from 115m to 300m. Currently these boreholes are tested to obtain safe sustainable delivery yields. The best 4 boreholes will be connected to the existing infrastructure to augment water supply to Graaff-Reinet. Graaff-Reinet now has a total of 36 boreholes of which 34 is utilized.The Municipality has been made aware of a notice published by Eskom through the media. The said notice indicates that Eskom will be proceeding with bulk electricity interruptions on 23rd October 2020, in the following towns within DBNLM: Willowmore, Steytlerville and Jansenville.I want to inform communities that we are currently in dispute with Eskom on certain matters that has remained unresolved. An urgent court order has been applied for by the Municipality to prevent Eskom from proceeding with electricity supply interruptions. The municipal council will continue with consultation and do everything within its power to prevent interruptions from being affected. Residents will be kept informed regarding any developments on this matter.

Covid-19 infections is still increasing with Dr Beyers Naudé Local Municipality remaining a hotspot in the district. Department of health hosted a meeting on 20 October 2020 where the objective was to provide support to health in the district. The meeting was attended by representatives from Eastern Cape Department of Health, NICD Provincial Epidemiology and World Health Organization. At the meeting guidelines was shared on the resurgence of COVID-19 with a specific focus on infection rates at schools.  Statistics as at 19 October 2020 shows active cases in the areas as follows:

  • Graaff-Reinet – 50
  • Willowmore – 12
  • Aberdeen – 2
  • Klipplaat – 1
  • Rietbron – 0
  • Jansenville – 5
  • Steytlerville – 38
  • Nieu Bethesda – 0

I plea with communities to practice safety measures put in place. I want to encourage residents to remain cautious and continue practicing safety measures, i.e. wear a mask, wash hand with soap or sanitize regularly and practice social distancing. Together we can contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.


Mayor De Vos and Minister Creecy– Launch of Vegetable garden at Narsing Primary

Clean-up Riemvasmaak

Electric powerline theft/vandalism

Boreholes in Graaff-Reinet

Fire equipment donation from SBDM

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